Esports Definition & Meaning

Professional players, organized leagues, worldwide events, millions of followers… Video games started as a hobby played in the living room with a game console, but nowadays it is a professional industry that works in a similar way to the most popular sports competitions. We tell you everything you need to know to understand esports.

Esports are competitions that take place in the world of video games and are gaining more and more ground in the entertainment industry. The traditional modality in which participants gather around a video console to play a game of their favorite game has evolved over time to become a professional, organized activity, capable of bringing together thousands of competitors in the same event -whether online or in person- and generating the interest of millions of spectators.

In 2021, the global turnover of esports exceeded one billion dollars, according to estimates by Newzoo, a consulting firm specializing in video games, and the forecast is that the market will continue to grow, with Asia and the United States as leaders in this sector, while in Europe, countries such as Spain are among those with the highest penetration of this industry.

What are esports?

It is worth pointing out that the name esports comes from the union of two English words: the ‘e’, which refers to electronic (electronic), and sports, which means sports, so it is also common to call them electronic sports, e-Sports or cybersports, among others. In addition, competitors are known as ‘gamers’.

Esports are organized in leagues and their competitions are structured in a similar way to soccer, basketball, tennis or any other sporting activity. Depending on the video game, it can be played individually or in teams, and participants train daily to compete in events, and win titles and prize money awarded by game developers or sponsors.

Such is the relevance that esports have reached nowadays, that there are professional players dedicated exclusively to training and competing, and who receive a salary for it. There are also teams that have coaches, psychologists, physical trainers and experts in different areas to increase the performance of their gamers.

As in conventional sports, e-sports have developed gigantic logistics and invested in innovation to capture the attention of spectators. For example, there are digital platforms such as Twitch that broadcast tournaments, specialized media that cover the news of the sector, brands that sponsor teams and players, among other players that are part of this entertainment industry.

Which video games are considered esports?

It should be pointed out that not all video games are considered esports, since they must comply with certain characteristics. While by video game we mean all games that can be developed through a screen (game consoles, computers, smartphones, tablets…), to be part of the esports category they must meet the following requirements:

Be designed for two or more participants to face each other.
Have clear rules and equal conditions for all competitors, in order for the winner to prevail thanks to his or her own skill.
Have an organized league and develop official competitions.
To reach a sufficiently large number of players to arouse the interest of spectators and the media.

Taking into account the above conditions, video games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, FIFA, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Starcraft, among many others, are considered esports.

What is the most played esport?

Due to the variety of devices from which esports can be played, in addition to the large number of developers and platforms that offer them, it can be difficult to establish precisely which is the most played eSport in the world. What is clear, taking into account download figures, the number of spectators at events, Google searches for information, among other aspects, is the undisputed popularity of two of them:

Fortnite. It is a third-person video game and the main theme is survival. It was launched in 2017 and since then it has not stopped winning professional and amateur players, in addition to millions of followers. Every year the Fortnite World Cup is held and, despite the fact that in 2020 and 2021 it was canceled due to the health crisis, in 2019 it delivered 100 million dollars in prizes and the final reached an audience of over two million viewers.
League of Legends. It is common to find it with the acronym ‘Lol’ and it is an action and strategy game created in 2009 in which participants must protect their base and destroy the opponent’s one. It also has its world tournament, which in 2021 reached an audience of more than 73 million viewers in total. It is one of the esports with the most annual tournaments: more than 2,500.

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